Video about my research

I was very pleased when I was approached by Steinar Kvia Kittilsen a masters student at Sound and Music Computing MSc at Aalborg University Copenhagen to give an interview about my favourite topic – and I was particularly pleased with the result. I think he did a great job and for once I did not come across as a complete wally (I have a back catalogue of those moments I intend to take to the grave – you know the occasions where you are determined to use big words and then discover halfway through using them that they are so big they don’t fit in your mouth). I particularly liked he’s solution to my appalling internet connection and the sync issues – “The video often freezes during the interview, but we can pretend this is on purpose to remind the audience of the artifice!”

Btw if the video preview frame from YouTube for you folk is the same as for me I really should have put my bottom set in (see below)

Dr Christopher Newell missing his bottom set

Current focus of my creative life – My Telephone Box Theatre

…so if you are interested in (possibly) one of the smallest theatres in the world, in computer generated voices, in old telephone technology or finding out more about some old guy trying to figure out who he is – then go here

and forget this site. If you are a member of my family, want to read about them or about yourself, my cancer, my politics or my cats – stick around on this site.

Thanks loyal listeners

Thanks so much to all my loyal listeners last night. Yes there was more than one! I was very pleased that the whole thing kinda worked but the mistakes and miss dials were mainly for real – cunningly covered by me. It went on a bit didn’t it! Pat reported that she lost the plot, to which I replied so did I, to which she replied what plot! – yes it was a bit of a pic’n’mix wasn’t it. My objective is to make my Christmas offering a little less Beckett and a bit more Mrs Browns Boys – We will see how that goes. Meanwhile I am taking a break from the box to prepare to examine someones utterly incomprehensible PhD – serves me right I suppose.